How Smart Shoppers Buy Cars

About KarFarm

KarFarm is designed to streamline the process, add transparency and efficiency, developed out of perennial concerns associated with negotiations during car purchases. We eliminates the need to spend hours in stressful negotiations at multiple dealerships and helps direct qualified leads towards relevant, reliable salespeople.
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KarFarm Team

Meet Our Team

We are creative, results-oriented individuals who are passionate about the car industry.


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Tae Yoon

Co-Founder | CEO

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Brendan Dolan

Co-Founder | VP of Dealer Ops

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Yang Chung

Chief Technology Officer

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Jaeho Park

Software Engineer

Sophie 24d3521f5341e79abb4d012ece91c21cd072dbfad63f57ffdf1a6cad54c59704

Sophie Kim

UX | UI Desinger

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Ovi Fritsch

Software Engineering Intern

Dahyeon 5f5137836e2cd7fad66c81a9fa079217a6e24a1aafba2d3a8e09c56856c863fb

Dahyeon Bae

Software Engineering Intern

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