where smart shoppers buy cars

KarFarm is designed to streamline the process, add transparency and efficiency, developed out of perennial concerns associated with negotiations during car purchases.

KarFarm eliminates the need to spend hours in stressful negotiations at multiple dealerships and helps direct qualified leads towards relevant, reliable salespeople.

KarFarm Team

We are creative, results-oriented individuals who are passionate about the car industry.

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Taeyang Yoon

Founder & CEO

Taeyang, the former e-commerce director of Toyota, was becoming increasingly frustrated with the vehicle purchase process, so he enlisted the help from some top Silicon Valley talent to create a new marketplace platform that eliminates the inefficiencies of the typical 'dealership' experience.

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Iraz Yurddaser

COO & Product Manager
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Rails Ninja

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Meng Xie

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Georgia Golfinopoulos

Dealer Support
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Ronald Chacon

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Allison Marino

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Fan Sun

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Cherry Cao