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Robert Taguinod Available
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Sales Associate
Fremont Toyota
Fremont, CA

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English, English, Tagalog
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I'm a husband to my loving and caring wife, a father to 4 grown up children and a happy grandfather to my two beautiful granddaughters. My entire career was spent in the automotive industry and I've been a dedicated and hard working sales personnel for the past 25 years. My greatest achievement are my loyal and repeat customers. Modesty aside, I've been a consistent Toyota S.T.A.R.S awardee and was granted fabulous travel experiences brought about by my excellence in sales and customer handling. At the end of the day, my no. 1 is job is keeping my customers happy. Currently, I am being recognized as Toyota Sales Society Masters status. My personal interests consist of eating at various restaurants, watching concerts and my wife and I loves to travel a lot. I am passionate about food, music, cars and most of all, my family.