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Tom Sutton

Average Response Times 8 Mins!
Internet Sales Manager

Boardwalk Volkswagen

Redwood City, CA

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Tom is Boardwalk's resident car enthusiast, and he's just passed his 10 year anniversary with Boardwalk. Being a total gear head, Tom knows all of the cars inside and out, so if you have technical questions, Tom is your guy. When he isn't using his extensive knowledge of cars to help clients, Tom can be seen attending, and even judging at car shows, Concours events, and enjoying the perks that come with being a long time member of the Porsche Club, the Ferrari Club, and the Shelby Club. Tom is a 44 year Bay Area resident, and loves living on the Peninsula. Tom's niche in the car business is a simple one. He loves cars, and loves owning the right car, so he listens to the clients needs, and then draws on his exhaustive knowledge of the VW lineup to make sure you get exactly what fits your needs.

Consumer Reviews

Product Knowledge

The only place I will go to buy a VW. Tom Sutton is the man, not just a salesman but a true car enthusiast. He not only knows VW's but he knows the competition as well. I drive all the way from Pacifica for my VW service needs. The service department andd manager are top notch.

This is a two word review for one person in Sales: Tom Sutton. Done. You're welcome. Tom was absolutely the best sales experience I have ever had.

Extremely curteous, understanding, and patient with us while we decided on the car and went back andd forth with calls. Tom actually understands and appreciaes cars as an enthusiast and ddoesn't just sell cars toiates cars as an enthusias and doesn't just sell cars to make money.

Fantastic service! No-hustle consultative selling here...Ask for Tom Sutton.

We worked with Tom Sutton and can't rate him highly enough. He was willing to go the extra mile for us when other VW dealers wouldn't. He kept his word and we never felt any pressure. We were really happy to give him our business. I woulddn't hesitate to send a best friend or a family member to Tom.

Tom was able to answer specific questions about the car I was interested in. The pricing discussion was short and, overall, Tom's a very pleasant and efficient fellow to work with - ask for him.

Product Knowledge

True pleasure

Thank you for all of your advice and hard work in helping us find the car that was perfectly suited for our needs!

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